Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Soup!

This weekend we had tons of fun! Saturday it rained pretty much all day so we just hung out and had lots of family time. Sunday Hydie and I went to Jana's to sew and John went fishing. Well, we didn't get much sewing done but we did find a place that would keep Hydie still for a couple minutes! She sat in this pot on the floor for a good 20 minutes just playing. She LOVES to help cook and pots and pans are her all time favorite toy! Hydie is getting another tooth so we are doing lots of teething...She loves "otter pops" the little popcicles that are in the clear plastic....she just chews on the plastic until the popcicle isn't cold anymore! She is eating pretty much everything now...Sunday morning she ate an entire waffle plus some scrabbled eggs and a handful of cherrios. She is pulling up on everything and walking holding onto everything. She is also really quick and sneaky! I have NO idea where she gets the sneakiness from.... I am going back to college this year to finish up my associates degree to be ready for nursing school when we move. I am a little nervous about getting back into the studying groove but I'm sure I will do fine. I start next Tuesday the 2nd and my first class is Anatomy and Physiology!!! John is getting ready to go out on his first real patrol sometime next month. We are both a little anxious to get this patrol behind us. The first patrol is always the hardest!


The Carlisles said...

Hey! LOVE the new pics of HYDIE... Hope your having a GREAT day! Love ya'll!

Marci said...

Hey Jade,

Let me know if you need any help wih A & P. I took it at the college when we moved here. Is Sue Buie still doing the distant teaching? My biggest tip is to get the class to have a Saturday morning study group! It helped me pass. I always had it at my house so it was my motivation to clean house :-) Anyway, congrats on going back and I LOVE the pic of Hydie! Marci