Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why Buy Toys?

Why do we bother buying toys for Hydie? Lately, she has no interest in "toys" but she really seems to enjoy the cat toys, door stopper, laundry hamper, and plastic bowls. Hydie is now pulling up alot more, and today she push on the laundry basket to walk. She is too cute! This weekend we did alot of cleaning out and organizing. It feels so great to have an organized home! Hydie has started really enjoying when Mommy is cooking or cleaning the dishes because that means she gets to play with the pots and pans or tupperware. She thinks it's the coolest thing for me to put cheerios in a container so she can shake it and try to figure out how to get the treats out. Hydiebug is definitely expanding her food options lately. She now eats pretty much what John and I eat (just in tiny bites) and she loves cheetos puffs but I don't give them to her much because they make the biggest mess! She is also drinking formula out of a sippy cup now instead of a bottle. She decided to do this on her own when she woke up one morning and completely refused to take her bottle but was fighting to get her sippy. We have almost finished renovating the interior of John's truck. I finished up the sun shades tonight. To say so myself, I think it looks pretty darn good.

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Lisa F said...

She is getting so big!!!!!! Love all the pictures! We miss you guys!