Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I apologize for letting my blog go for so long without any new updates! But here's a little recap...First off, Hydie is growing like a little weed!! She is almost 8 months old and weighs right at 18 lbs. She cut her first tooth this past week and to say the least, I hope it's a few more weeks before she cuts another one. Hydie is scooting EVERYWHERE and getting into everything!! She isn't actually crawling yet but boy is she mobile! She is eating quite a few things from the table now (mashed potatoes, french fries ((her favorite)), peas, noodles, pretty much anything that she can suck on and it dissolve in her mouth.) I have started a new job working at Coastline Computers here in Kodiak. We do computer repair and special orders. I will be working pretty much 10-4 or so and the best part is...I get to take Hydie with me! This job is such a blessing from God!!! John is still gone and will hopefully be back in port in a few weeks!!! As far as my embroidery goes, I have been working up a storm!! I have moved my machine over to my friend Jana's house because I seem to work better over there than I do at my own house! We have been making outfits for Hydie and Jana's kids!! I have found out how to do so many cool things with my machine!