Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Late Easter

Happy late Easter! We had a pretty good Easter. On Sunday, we were pretty much on the go all day. We got up and saw that the "Easter Bunny" came to see Hydie, ate breakfast, then off to church. Church was PACKED!!! We weren't even late and the only place left to sit was in the very 1st pew!! I could literally touch the piano! It was a great service and 2 girls were baptized Easter Sunday also. After church, we came home, ate some lunch and then headed to one of the guys John works with home. We ate supper and visited with them. It was so nice to meet more people and especially nice that they were our age! Yesterday, we spent the day "getting back on schedule" and doing a little cleaning and laundry. Today, we have Hydie's 4 month doctor's appointment and she has to get shots!! Hydie has got a cold so please pray that she doesn't have any fever (from the cold or teething) so she can get her shots since we are already a little late getting them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Trip To Mississippi

CiCi & Hydie
Pop-Pop & Hydie
Hydie and I took a "Spring Break" for a few weeks to visit family in Mississippi. We were on the go from day 1. After flying from 12 noon till 8:30 A.m. the next day, we were both exhausted but that didn't stop us from stopping by a few stores on our way to my parents house. It was so good to visit with everyone and of course eat GREAT food! Poppy & Hydie
During our stay in Mississippi, we celebrated Pop-Pop's birthday (the day we flew in), went on a day trip to New Orleans, went to Den-Den and Poppy's, IT SNOWED!, went to Columbus and had supper with Sarah, Kyle & Railyn and had Hydie's pictures made, had get-togethers at Aunt Nancy's, MiMi Janice's, and Memaw Hellen! We had so much fun and can't wait till our next visit! Thanks to everyone that help make this visit so special!!! While we were gone, Hydie made some very special memories that I won't ever forget! She started eating cereal and she also cut her first tooth!!! It was so good to visit but it's also so good to be back home in somewhat of a routine!
John Mark & Jessica Hydie Eating Cereal

Saturday, March 1, 2008

All Played Out!

Sorrry I haven't posted in a few days. We have been pretty busy this week. Wednesday, I had to go to the hospital for some tests. Hopefully we will know something soon. While I was resting after getting home from the hospital, John was feeding Hydie and what do you know...she started holding her bottle by herself!!! She is growing up so fast! Thursday, Hydie and I went over to our friend Jana's house and worked on another sling for our trip to Mississippi. Hydie has really started to enjoy her jumparoo and activity center. She even enjoys sleeping in them as you can tell. I can't wait till her 4 month doctor visit to see how much she has grown. It seems like she has really grown soooo much this week alone. Today we took a drive to see what was past base since we never go any further than base. We saw some awesome scenery!!! I didn't know that Kodiak Island was this BIG! On our drive we saw some horses and cows. The horses look very much like Mississippi horses do, but the cow were another story. I tried to take pictures but something was wrong with the memory card in my camera. The cows had extremely thick, long coats. They were the weirdest things I have ever seen. Can I add that none of these animals were fenced in....they were just roaming on the side of the road. I am so not used to that! I am now trying to get some packing done since Hydie and I leave Monday for Mississippi.