Friday, May 2, 2008

On The Go!

Wow, I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while!! We have been so busy! A couple weekends ago we went to Fossil Beach with our friends Tabitha and Bryan. We had to drive about an hour to get out to the beach but it was well worth it. The scenery on the way was breathtaking. On the trip out to the beach we saw tons of buffalo, cow, and horses. It it so weird having to wait for buffalo to cross the road! We finally get out to the beach and the guys start making a fire so we could stay warm and roast marshmellow. It's so hard getting use to NOT wearing a swimsuit to the beach. I even had to put Hydie's snowsuit on her to keep her warm! John's 21st birthday was last Friday, so we had a little get-together here with some of the guys that he works with. We had fun and they played lots of poker (John even WON!). Hydie is growing like a weed!!! She is now drinking juice out of a sippy cup and eating a full jar of baby food a night! She is trying so hard to crawl but just hasn't got it down pat yet. She is also TEETHING!! This past week she has been very fussy and has been running a low grade fever most of the week. I can feel one of her top teeth but it just won't push it's way through. This is a very frustrating time for Hydie and Mommy! John left last Saturday for a two week school in Virginia. He is staying the weekend with Shannon, Justin, & Tempy. I am a little on the jealous side that I didn't get to go visit! I have been monogramming and sewing up a storm! I have actually made a few "sales" these past couple week! My friend Tabitha, Hydie and I are leaving Sunday for Anchorage, AK. I have some doctor appointments so we will be staying Sunday through Wednesday in Anchorage. Neither Tabitha nor I have ever been to Anchorage so this should be a very interesting experience.