Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sunday Morning
I can't sleep so I thought I would let ya'll know what's been going on so far this week. Sunday when John left, it continued to snow all day and on into Monday and FINALLY stopped Monday night. The snow was beautiful, but why did it have to snow the day John leaves??? This wouldn't be so bad but being from Mississippi, I haven't ever seen much snow in my life (especially THIS much!!). Therefore, I had no idea how to shovel it, drive in it, or even walk in it. So, here I am freaking out because I have never driven our Tahoe till Saturday night or driven ANY vehicle in 4-wheel drive or on snow/ice and I have Hydie with me! Well, we made it home and I decided that I wasn't going anywhere until it quit snowing. I guess I was expecting it to be like Mississippi and when it did quit snowing, all the snow would melt...yeah right!!

Monday Morning The Pile the Snowplow Left
By Monday afternoon, I had realized that our truck is covered in snow and I have no idea how to get it off. As I'm talking to John, I ask him what to do, he tells me and acts likes it's no big deal. Well, I get out there and realize that I am VERY short and can't reach the top of the truck to wipe the snow off to open the door; so I give up and come back inside and decide I'm just not going anywhere until John gets home. Tuesday my new friend Marleen calls and says they are on base and asks if I would like for her hubby to clean my truck off!!! God is GREAT!!! Of course, I said yes and thanked them like 1000 times! So after they leave I get Hydie ready and we go to the exchange and then we went to Craftnite. I had a blast and I even think Hydie did! It was so good to finally meet people and get out of the house! Today, Hydie and I went and hung out with Marleen and her little boy at their house and it was so good to spend most of our day out and about. By the way, John seems very busy with school and hasn't had much time to chat but is ready for Feb. 9th to be here!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our First Week In Kodiak, AK!

Well, Hydie and I made it to Kodiak Saturday January 19th around 5:30 p.m. Alaska time! John and some of the Coastie Chicks were there to greet us! It was so good to see John again and to meet new faces! It was raining the night we got here but John still drove us around and showed us where everything is and took us to a nice dinner at the Chart Room. The rest of last week we unpacked and tried to get settled in. Hydie seems to be adjusting well, but Friday I did have to take her to the doctor here on base because she has a really bad cold or as the doctor called it, "the Kodiak Crud." She is doing much better now but still has lots of snot. In the midst of Hydie and John being sick, Hydie has learned that it is really, really fun to stand up with Mommy and Daddy's help of course! She is growing like a weed and is becoming such a busy body!! She is giving Mommy a good workout since Daddy flew out Sunday for another school in California. He will be gone until Feb. 9th and I am SOOOOOO ready for him to be home (and he's only been gone a day!).