Monday, August 4, 2008

Visit With Papaw Fatty

After a 12 1/2 hour ferry ride, Papaw Fatty and Danny Boy finally made it to Kodiak Island. To say the least, they were exhausted! After they arrived Friday afternoon I took eat lunch and then off to the house for showers and cat naps. Once we got settled in John called and wanted to give us a tour of the Alex Haley since he was on duty all night. This was my first time on the boat so it was even very exciting for me! Papaw Fatty

Saturday morning after John got home from work, we all packed up and headed out for a day of fishing! John With His Fish

Danny With His Fish

We had so much fun Saturday and we even caught a good many fish. I REALLY Caught This Fish!!

As soon as we got home and got the salmon cleaned, we ate dinner and John cook some wonderful FRESH salmon and steaks!! Sunday we decided we had, had enough fishing and went sightseeing. We took Papaw and Danny out to Fossil Beach which is one of the farthest drivable points on the island. Today John and I both had to return to work so Papaw and Danny followed me into town and did a little sightseeing on their own. Our Mississippians left tonight around 6:00 p.m. headed back to Homer, AK to finish up their trip and head back towards home.

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