Monday, June 28, 2010

Exciting News!!!

Can you guess who is who?
After framing these to put in our bathroom, I realized how
much our babies look alike! Kind of scary actually!!

This has definitely been a very exciting week in the Gallagher house! After not hearing anything about jobs on Monday, I went to bed a little let down. However, that did not last long! Tuesday morning I get a call from Genieve from KANA (Kodiak Alaska Native Association) offering me the administrative assistant job!!!! God is SO good!!! After that call, my schedule filled up very quickly for the day. The kids and I ran all over the place meeting about daycare stuff, getting drug tested (me not the kids), getting medical paperwork filled out, and tons more. We were wiped out but over the moon! Hydie and I even made hydie-friendly brownies to celebrate!

Wednesday I began my cleaning madness and organizing for the Sunday yard sale. Thursday I became an official KANA employee. I am now the new KANA Community Services Administrative Assistant to 6 different administrators. Yes, I think it sound very professional :). John then cooked some amazing halibut that night. Carter had his first real meat....halibut. Yes, he's an Alaskan baby! He loved every bite!!!
Friday, we even got more good news. John will be an ET2 as of July 1st!!! I am SO proud of him! He definitely deserves this promotion! Sunday we had a yard sale with another Coastie family and were able to get rid of a bit of our stuff. I am so thankful to have at least some of that stuff out of our house. After the yard sale, I was back in cleaning mode and getting everything organized and "ready" for my first official week of work. My wonderful friend Danielle is coming to our house during the day to watch the kids. We are so blessed to have the Pack family back in our lives! So, now we are to today, also know as Jade's first day of work in the past 2 years. Man was it hard to get going this morning. I did have lots of butterflies and nervous this morning, but they soon faded and I really enjoyed my first day of work. I already have 2 full pages of tasks I need to accomplish in the next couple days. I very much appreciate all the many thoughts and prayers about the job! Now, I am praying that the kids will get in the CDC (daycare on base) soon. Danielle will be keeping them until the CDC has spots available, but we would really like to get them in as soon as possible. Thanks for all the prayers!
This is Carter's new favorite past-time, getting stuck under the table!

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