Monday, June 14, 2010

What a fun week...

We had a very fun week last week. We went hiking, took a trip to the Touch Tank, welcomed friends to Kodiak, played on the beach, and went fishing. The Operations department on the CGC Alex Haley decided it was time to take a break from work and spend some time with family and friends. This trip consisted of hiking on Near Island and going to the Touch Tank; two things our family had never done. Yes, we have been hiking other places, but we haven't ever been out to Near Island. We had so much fun! Hydie walked almost the entire trail by herself without complaint. Carter of course was in the backpack carrier on Daddy's back. Hydie was definitely in heaven with all the "wild flowers" through the trails. We spent more time picking flowers than some of the group spent on the trails.
After enjoying the beauty of Kodiak, we headed to the Touch Tank. It is a mini version of an aquarium. Hydie LOVED touching all the star fish, crabs, and fish. Carter enjoyed watching the fish in the HUGE circular tank that is in the middle of the room.

We are so excited to be able to welcome our friends Andy, Danielle and Alyssa to Kodiak. Andy was one of John's teachers while in A-school in Petaluma, CA. This transfer season, Andy got orders to the CGC Munro that is stationed here in Kodiak. Hydie and Alyssa are only a couple months different in age, and they played really well together. We haven't seen the Packs since Hydie was 2 months old when we stopped in California on our way to Alaska. Welcome to the ROCK Packs!
On Saturday, Carter took his first "scoots" forward. He has been scooting on his belly backwards for a while, but he actually had belly off the floor and crawled 2-3 times before he slid to his belly. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of our little man for hitting another milestone!

Yesterday after John got home from duty, we packed up the kids and the cooler and headed to Monashka Bay to have some fun in the sun with the Brown family. We set up tent on the beach (yes we have black sand but at least ours is suppose to be black unlike the Gulf Coast), and the girls immediately began playing with their beach toys. Carter and Nichole watched mostly while the big girls played. John and Jon decided to take Hydie and Lindsey fishing so they hiked down to the water and fished. To MUCH surprise, Hydie caught her FIRST fish! John was such a proud daddy! He even got a little teary-eyed... They immediately ran back to camp so Mommy could take pictures. Hydie was oh so proud of her fishie. To avoid having to take the dead fish home and explaining to Hydie that it couldn't sleep with her, we decided it would be best to "release" it back to the ocean. John took Hydie back down to the water and explained that the fishie missed his mommy and we had to let him go home. Thank goodness for waves that took little fishie away. It was definitely a sweet, sweet moment

Sorry for such a long post, but I am going to try and update the blog about once a week. I have another interview on Wednesday and I got a call yesterday about another job so please pray that I will get a job SOON

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