Friday, June 4, 2010

Back in Kodiak!

Our adventure to Mississippi finally came to an end, and we are now back as a family in Kodiak. We can't explain how much we miss each and every one of you Mississippians, and thank you for all the fun memories we will have forever. We just got internet hooked back up yesterday and to say the least I am SOOO thankful! You don't realize how hard it is to live without internet/phone/cable until you don't have it. Thank goodness John and I both have internet on our phones so we could at least pay bills and catch up the latest Facebook news. This past weekend, Kodiak hosted its annual Crab Festival. The road is always lined with food vinders and then there is a "midway" where the rides and games are. This year was definitely our most fun year, minus the rain, since we have been in Kodiak. Hydie was actually able to enjoy a few of the rides and games which made it so worth standing in the rain so she could just ride the train one more time. Of course, Hydie's favorite part was the cotton candy, and if you have ever been around her while she has cotton candy you know it does not last long. Hydie also enjoyed a turkey leg for the first time ever! She would not touch it on the bone but devoured it when I pulled pieces of meat off for her. I, of course, enjoyed fresh crab legs. Thanks to John, I actually was able to get to the meat because "fresh" crab are MUCH harder to crack than the ones you get at Red Lobster.

We also went out fishing the other day. It was so much fun! Hydie LOVES her "fishy pole" and thinks fishing is the best thing ever. John is obviously VERY excited that Hydie loves to fish. He now has a fishing buddy, but I have promised him that we would all (including me) go fishing together as a family alot this summer. Carter also seemed to enjoy being out by the water. He stayed in the backpack, but he did enjoy watching his daddy and sister.

We are finally settling back down into a routine and getting acclimated to the 50 degree weather. Carter had a much harder time adjusting to being "home" than Hydie ever did, but it was definitely expected. He misses his grandparents BIG TIME!!! Hydie, of course, went straight back into the normal life of Kodiak. While getting settled, I have been on a hunt for a job. Yes, I have been a stay at home home for 2 1/2 years now, but I have decided that the time has come to end this chapter and begin a new one. The kids will more than likely be at an in-home daycare since the only "real" daycare has a huge waiting list, but I am actually ok with that. So please pray that I for one get a job and two find daycare for the kiddos.

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