Friday, February 15, 2008


We seem to have finally gotten back into our routine since John's back! This week we've been pretty busy. I've had a few dr. appointments and such, but of course I went to Craftnite Tuesday night!!! Craftnite was great; however, it was the first time I have ever left Hydie with John so to say the least, Mommy was a little nervous. I knew he would be totally fine but I still had Mommy butterflies! Everything went GREAT and they were even in the bed asleep when I got home! It was so nice to be able to go hang out for a few hours with adults without baby.
Wednesday, I finally got Hydie rolling over on video!!! I started the camera after she had already rolled a little but got most of it!!! We had a good Valentine's Day yesterday. I got up and cooked breakfast and had John and Hydie's happies set up for them. It was a nice morning and Hydie LOVES her books and alligator!! I got my Valentine's (a Wii) a little early and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I can't wait till Wii Fit comes out!!


NancyCatherine said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Love from Miss Nancy, Brittlea, Crislynn and Davis!

sue-sue said...

I still really can't believe you are in alaska!! However I love Hydie's room...seems that yall adjusting well and you are meeting new people..give Hydie a kiss from the webb girls and tell John Hi