Friday, February 22, 2008

Keeping Busy!

We seem to have kept ourselves pretty busy this week. Tuesday was of course Craftnite and Jana made Hydie this adorable sling! We love it! I can actually cook dinner and clean the house while "holding" Hydiebug. Wednesday, Lisa brought over 2 other slings that she's letting us have. The blue sling is for water. It's made out of this mesh material so water can go through easily when you are in the pool! I can't wait to try it out!!! Yesterday, we had a cleaning day and Hydie finally decided that she REALLY likes her jumparoo! She is still too short to touch the floor so I put blankets under her and all around her in the seat. She is too cute! Last night we had Marlene and her little boy over for supper. It was so nice to finally have friends to invite over! Today, we had a playdate at my friend Winona's house and it was nice to meet more new people. Of course, Hydie wasn't much into playing so she decided that it was more fun to sleep! The past few days have been pretty sunny and the snow/ice is melting in place...I actually can see GRASS in places! However, I just looked outside and of course it's snowing again!


The Carlisle's said...
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The Carlisle's said...

sorry..about that...still trying to figure this thing Hydie has grown so much since January. She is starting to look like a big girl..have a great day!

sue-sue said...

Love the sling! So glad to here yall are coming for a little while...see ya then..Give Hydie bug a kiss for us.