Friday, February 8, 2008

Hydie Got Her Mobile Today!

We had a good 3 month birthday yesterday! She is getting soooo big! So, I wanted to thank CiCi and Pop-Pop for the mobile! Hydie LOVES it! Also, Aunt Sharon, thank you so much for Hydie's V-day card! So, nothing very exciting has happen lately...JOHN COMES HOME TOMORROW!! I am so excited, so is he!!! He tried to get a flight out today but it didn't work out. Here's a little video of Hydie watching her new mobile and a picture of her standing up!


NancyCatherine said...

Happy 3 month birthday, Hydie Grace!

Hi, Jade! Just wanted to say a quick hi! Hope you're staying warm!

Love you!
Miss Nancy

Julie said...

Hi, Jade!

Your mom shared your blog site with me. Hydie is so pretty!

I am so glad to hear you all are doing well. Your mom had us all praying for you :)

Julie Jones