Friday, February 1, 2008

Hydie's Room

I took some pictures of Hydie's room. It's not completely done but I thought I would let ya'll know what it was looking like. She is actually not sleeping in her room yet, but we have decided that we are going to try to let her sleep in her room when John gets back. I am not excited about this because that means my baby is growing up and I don't like those words! Hydie will be 3 months old next Wednesday!! She is becoming such a little miss independent! She wants to stand ALL the time! She loves to play on the floor and have "tummy time" and she absolutely LOVES to look at herself. She will stop everything she is doing and just look at herself for minutes at a time! I tried to tape her rolling over today but of course our little Hydie refused to do it when Mommy had the camera out! John is half way through with his school and is really ready to be home!


Gloria said...

Hey Girls,
I'll try one more time to leave you two a message.
Hydie gets more beautiful every day. She looks just like her mother.
You certainly have done a good job in beginning to decorate your new house. The baby's room is starting to really shape up. You have put in a lot of effort in the short time you have been there. I guess that comes with the territory of being the wife of a service man.
Thanks for doing this blog. We will be able to watch your family grow even if you aren't living just up the road. The blog helps to relieve our fears of the unknown. One of my big fears was that you would be without a Walmart. But, your Mom told me that you do have one and that you and John have already been there.
Have a good Super Bowl Weekend. Gloria Seward

Amanda Robinson said...

Her room is so nice. I hope you guys are having fun up there in Alaska. Hang in there he will be home soon and it looks like you have some nice friends there for you.

Darlene Bane said...

What a doll!!!! Love her room. Send us a little bit of the snow. No ice, just snow. We'll be watching her grow on your site and keeping the three of you in our prayers. Thanks go to your mom & Hazel Garrett for sharing the address.

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