Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Princess is a Big Girl!

This past week has been somewhat of an adventure for us. We moved Hydie into a "big girl" bed. Right now it is just a twin mattress/box spring on the floor with a guard rail. She loves it! She has only gotten out once but mostly she will stay in until I come in and get her. We really didn't want to move her from her crib so soon, but she is a climber and she climbed out the week before and scared us to death! So, we are now a big girl in a big girl bed! Trooper is really enjoying Alaska and is growing like crazy! He is finally 99% potty trained and knows basic commands like sit, stay, no. He is such a quick learner and I am SO thankful! We are still working on manners (not to get in Hydie's face, not to lick visitors, etc.) but hopefully those will all soon come! This past week I also finally received my camera that I have wanting for EVER it seems! I got a Canon Rebel XSi and LOVE it! It is an intro. professional camera so hopefully I can get some good quality pictures of Hydie with it!

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The Adams Family said...

She is getting so big! I miss you guys. Trooper is way cute.