Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snow Days!

Yesterday afternoon we had one of the worst blizzards Kodiak has seen in a LONG time, especially this late in the season. We made it through the white out conditions and loss of power last night (power came back on around 10), and this morning we were greeted with 20 inches of snow fall but we had about 4 FEET of drift around our house. The base was closed, schools are closed and even TOWN is closed! In Mississippi, this is not uncommon when it snows for things to close but it is a HUGE deal here in Kodiak. It is 5 p.m. and the snow plows haven't even made it over around our house yet because there is just SO much snow! We are lucky to have a 4 wheel drive truck and John and the guys shoveled the walkway to the parking lot. After shoveling for about 2 hours, we had lunch and the guys decided it was time to play! They made a slide down our basement steps that Hydie thought was the best thing ever, and then they had snowball fights and did flips off our deck into the snow! We all had a blast and Trooper (even though the snow was deeper than he is tall) would still be playing if we had not made him come up stairs to rest. By the way, a couple of pictures Hydie does not have on gloves. This is because she continuously kept taking them off and threw a fit every time I put them on her.

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