Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update Time!

Where has this month gone? Has it really been 3 weeks since I posted? Our simple little life is definitely not so simple anymore. It seems as time is moving way faster now than it ever has before. Hydie and Carter are growing like crazy and Mommy and Daddy can't keep up.

Hydie finally had her adenoid and tubes surgery on July 22nd. She did wonderfully through the 10 minute surgery and complained more about the band-aid on her hand from where the IV was placed than anything. That afternoon she did however begin to complain that everything was TOO LOUD! Our poor little girl has had so much fluid in/behind her ears since she was tiny that she had no idea how loud everything was. She is still doing very well and hasn't had a problem. Carter will be going to his pre-surgery appointment on Thursday of next week for tubes since he also has continuous ear infections. His surgery will probably be mid-September.

The Coast Guard celebrated it's 220th Birthday on August 4th. To celebrate, the MWR provided activities throughout base. For the kids, they filled the gym with inflatables. We also enjoyed face painting and hot dogs. The kids had a blast!

Carter is officially walking with support. This means he is walking as long as he is holding onto something or someone. He is into EVERYTHING and loves to attempt to sneak into the bathroom. Hydie has learned to "correct" him by saying, "NO CARTER, GET OUT!" This is quite funny because our little 2 year old sounds SO grown up! Oh where is our time going? My babies are growing way too fast! Hydie's a preschooler now (bye bye toddler days) and Carter is almost a toddler (there definitely were not enough infant days). SO that's a recap for now.

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Jenni said...

sweet baby boy!!! just blows me away that Carter is walking... even if it is with support... :))