Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Crazy Life!

We have had a very busy schedule the past few weeks. Let me start off with a review of the past weeks. Hydie is officially standing! We have just begun our journey with using cloth diapers because Hydie is allergic to disposable. John got home this past week! I have been so far into textbooks I can't even see straight. So now you are caught up on our crazy lives! Hydie is growing more and more each day and is almost too tall for 12 month pants! When we went to the doctor the other day she measured in at 30 inches long and 20 lbs. My baby is becoming a little girl...:( Speaking of her growing up, we will be celebrating Hydie's 1st birthday this next week (11/6). We are so blessed to have such a beautiful little girl! John will only be in port for a few short weeks and then we won't see him until March. So forgive me if I don't update again for a few weeks but family is of most importance. We are taking Hydie to the Kodiak Bible Chapel for Halloween fun tomorrow night and then Saturday morning we are having our "family" Christmas. Yes, this means I will be putting up my tree in the wee hours Friday night. We are having to do Christmas so early because like many other military families, we have to work around the duties of the Coast Guard and that means John won't be with us during Christmas so we get to have it a little early. Hydie and I will actually be in Mississippi from December 12th through February 26th. So if you want to see us just let me know! I am getting very excited about our trip; however, I am also becoming very nervous about flying for 24 hours straight with a 1 year old that is into EVERYTHING but we will make it. Well, hope you enjoy the updated pictures!


Lisa said...


I can not wait for you all to be here. Hydie is sooooo pretty.


Lisa F said...

She is SO CUTE! Great pictures!

Tom and Rachel Briese said...

I cannot wait to see you tonight we miss you!

The Adams Family said...

Hydie is getting so big she is way to cute. I miss you guys so much. What are things Hydie is playing with now adays I know my gift will be late but i have been meening to mail you some things and want to get her a Bday present.