Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Mohawk Baby!

So Hydie finally has a little bit of hair on her bald little head. It seems to only be growing in the middle though. But since we don't have enough have enough hair to wear bows, I decided that we will just start spiking her hair up like a mohawk!! She is too funny when she is posing for pictures now! She definitely will be our little camera hog in years to come! We have been having such a good time with Daddy home! He will return to the boat this upcoming Saturday. We aren't looking forward to him leaving but the sooner he leaves the sooner he gets back. Hydie has her second tooth now and I think she might be working on another one! She is also crawling but she will only crawl backwards but is trying sooo hard to crawl correctly! My little baby girl is growing up way too fast!

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Lisa F said...

What a cute Hydiehawk!!!!!!!