Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Bunny

This morning the Easter bunny was at the National Guard Armory taking pictures with little ones. When I read the advertisement, I knew I had to take Hydie to have her picture taken and meet the Easter bunny. This was Hydie's first encounter with anything like this (dressed up character). To say the least, Hydie was extremely terrified! I did get a couple pictures of her screaming her head off but other than that, she was not having anything to do with the Easter bunny or anybody but me for that matter.


Jenni said...

OMG! Poor baby!!! That mean old Easter bunny....

Demetria said...

Hey Jade... i was just thinking about yall and how I haven't been over to your blog.

I remember when my Goddaughter freaked out at Market Street Festival when Huckleberry Hound was walking around. You would have thought he was Freddy Kruger.

Hydie may get less scared when she is older. Glad to see that all is well and Ms. Hydie has grown so.

Hope things are well in Alaska... Have a great week!

Demetria said...

Hey Jade... check out my blog backgrounds at and

Maybe we can chat and I can create one for you special for you blog with Ms. Hydie's pic on it.

Hope things are well in the Ghallagher home... TTYL

oh... you can chat with me on yahoo (createlms_dw2003)

Have a great weekend